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EWA essence

EWA essence is a natural, hormone-free preparation dedicated for women, who would like to maintain sexual activity. Preparation EWA essence contains amino acid


MaxActive in the form of herbal pills is intended for people feeling drowsiness and malaise, mental and physical fatigue, and for persons hypersensitive to weather changes.


OsteoRevital is recommended for supplementation at any age for people, who would like to maintain fitness and flexibility of joints of the entire body...


Prosturo is recommended for men over 40 years of age, who would like to maintain in good condition functions of the prostate and the urogenital tract.


Trawelin in the form of easy to swallow, small, vitamin-herb tablets is recommended for supplementation by adults and children poorly tolerating travel by vehicles and craft: cars,

Aftalip gel

Aftalip gel is an active dermocosmetic for care, protection and help in maintaining good condition of oral cavity mucosa.

Cysturo C

Cysturo C is a food supplement being a source of vitamin C and extracts of cranberry and common horsetail.

Recertification audit, related to quality management system, was held on July 7th 2017. Amsal Pharmaceuticals d.o.o. Sarajevo was succesfully certificated,
Agency for medicinal products and medical devices of Bosnia and Herzegovina conducted a pharmaceutical inspection of Amsal Pharmaceuticals on 26th

Welcome to Amsal

Amsal is a private pharmaceutical company focused on the production and distribution of high-quality, efficient and safe generic Rx and OTC drugs and food supplements.

In a business environment of a large number of generic drugs manufacturers, we are committed to develop a business model of more flexible approach to pharmaceutical market and rapid adaptation to global market changes.

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