EWA essence

Food supplement

6 tablets

Patient Information Leaflet

EWA essence

Womans sex life quality
EWA essence is a natural, hormone-free preparation dedicated for women, who would like to maintain sexual activity. During the period of applying oral contraception, receiving antidepressants, in the menopause and post menopause period women often lose interest in the sphere of sexual life.

One tablet contains 200 mg L-arginine, 200 mg dry extract of green sprouts of oat (Avena sativa) and 50 mg Dry extract of damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca).

Action of ingredients:
Preparation EWA essence contains amino acid L-arginine and 2 plant ingredients, which are considered to be aphrodisiacs: extract of green sprouts of oat (Avena sativa), extract of damiana (Turera aphrodisiaca).