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30 tablets

Patient Information Leaflet



Maintain fitness and flexibility of joints
OsteoRevital is recommended for supplementation at any age for people, who would like to maintain fitness and flexibility of joints of the entire body. It is particularly indicated for persons performing joint-straining, hard physical labor and in physically active persons and athletes who may risk overloading of joints. The formulation is recommended during convalescence after joint injuries, as well as for overweight, middle-aged and elderly persons, suffering from physiological wear of osteoarticular elements. OsteoRevital is also recommended for women in the period of menopause.

One tablet contains 125 mg glucosamine sulfate, 80 mg vitamin C, 75 mg chondroitin sulfate, 50 mg dry Boswellia serrata extract standardized for 40% content of boswellic acids, 5 mg hyaluronic acid and 4 mg hydrolyzed collagen.