First student congress “Food-nutrition-health”

Amsal Pharmaceuticals, as a sponsor, participated in First student congress „Food-nutrition-health”. The congress was held for the first time and it took place at Sarajevo University, from July 7th to July 9th 2016.

Objectives of the Congress were to promote the universal values of unity and multidisciplinary approach to the food manufacturing, it's hygiene status and quality, different nutrition methods as well as possible implications to the human.

Students of medical, humanistic, natural and mathematical and bio-technical sciences took part in Congress organization. Main topics included following areas:

1.    Primary food manufacturing and food processing
2.    Additives in food industry
3.    Toxicology and food safety
4.    Modern diagnostics and food analysis
5.    Nutrition during a life cycle
6.    Diet therapy
7.    Biotechnology in human nutrition
8.    Organic and traditional food

Students of other universities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as students of neighboring countries, also took part of this Congress.



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